The New Multi-stop Directions For Google Maps Is Currently Only Rolling Out To Android Users, But Will Be Coming To Ios Soon.

Chances are you're in luck. This app update is out right this minute... sort of. For those of you that are aiming to run this app as fast as possible, head to the bottom of this article and tap in. For the rest of you that still need convincing - know this: you're going to get this update one way or the other eventually. Whether you want it or not! So there! You can test this functionality now via Google Maps in-browser . This functionality is meant for desktop browsers for now, so keep that in mind.

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To rearrange the order of your multiple stops, tap and hold the three dot menu icon and drag it to the new position. Tip: To add multiple destinations, you can also search as normal for restaurants, coffee shops, and gas stations. Once you have added all your destinations to your route and are happy with the order, tap Done. Enter navigation mode and you will be directed to your multiple stops. The new multi-stop directions for Google Maps is currently only rolling out to Android users, but will be coming to iOS soon. Keep track of your favorite memories on Your Timeline Google Maps introduced the Your Timeline tool, which shows you exactly where you have been on any given day, month or year. Now the Your Timeline tool has a new feature that will allow you to add specific memories (for example, a favorite restaurant, a memorable moment, etc.) from your trip to Your Timeline. To access Your Timeline, open Google Maps > click the Menu icon > select Your Timeline (ensure you are signed into Google Maps). Select a date from the vacation and add specific notes to ensure you dont forget those special moments at a certain destination.

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