As With Any Form Of Crowdsourcing, There Is The Potential For Abuse, And Google Is Well Aware Of This.

You've almost certainly encountered errors and omissions on Google Maps, and starting today the company is making it easy to point out missing and incorrect data from the comfort of your mobile. Crowdsourcing the collecting of map data is a great way to ensure that Google Maps is kept constantly up to date. It means that as businesses close down, change names, or open up, users can submit feedback to Google straight away so the information is available to everyone as quickly as possible. In a blog post Google explains all of the tools it has introduced, including the ability for iOS, Android and Google search users to suggest edits to existing business information, or to submit details of new businesses. In addition to this, Android users can go into much more details about the specifics of individual businesses. In the case of restaurants, for instance, you can provide feedback about the types of cuisine that are available, add pricing details, and so on. As with any form of crowdsourcing, there is the potential for abuse, and Google is well aware of this. To try to combat the problem, users are invited to verify edits and additions that have been suggested by others to ensure that only correct information makes it through. Google says: For places that have pending suggestions, youll see a notification stating that "Someone suggested new info." If you click or tap that notification, youll have the option to verify whether the suggestion is accurate. Once enough votes are received to be confident that the suggestion is accurate, its published to the map.

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The conference's other keynote, a panel focusing on the ticketing industry, was held Wednesday, July 13. The keynote panel featured Russ D'Souza of SeatGeek, Larry Plawsky of TicketMaster, and Don Vaccaro of TicketNetwork, and was moderated by Curtis Cheng of DTI Management. These ticketing industry leaders discussed the future of ticketing and current trends affecting the business. The conference schedule also included a variety of panel sessions, including SEO Strategies, Consolidation, Build Your Brand, Sports & Venues, Power Your PPC, Using Third-Party Tools, a TicketNetwork Broker Council Update, Legal Trends in Ticketing, and Anti-Fraud Strategies. The schedule also included an extensive TicketNetwork Point-of-Sale Training schedule that educated attendees on the company's flagship product. The conference's sponsors included ABC Tickets , Allianz Global Assistance , ATBS , AutoProcessor , Broker Genius , DTI Management , Event Tickets Center , PayPal , TicketNetwork , Transaction Services , and Z-Merchant Services Powered by BankCard USA . "This year's Ticket Summit was our biggest and best yet," said Amanda Farrish, Director - Corporate Events, TicketNetwork & Ticket Summit. "We were honored to welcome Marcus Lemonis and all of our attendees. Our attendees were very pleased to have the unique experience of learning from Mr. Lemonis. Like this year, we're looking forward to hosting a can't-miss event for the ticketing industry next summer." Ticket Summit will next be held July 11-13, 2017 at The Venetian Las Vegas. Ticket Summit is the leading ticket conference and trade show for live entertainment professionals, and is ranked among the Top 25 Fast-Growth Shows by EXPO Magazine.

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Image: Google By Stan Schroeder 2016-07-26 09:57:00 UTC Google has made several changes to its Maps app on iOS, Android and in the browser, including a new, cleaner look, a slightly different color scheme and a new feature that highlights the most interesting spots around you. Called "areas of interest," these spots will be painted a pale orange, and will appear automatically as you browse the map. SEE ALSO: Google Maps now lets you add multiple stops to your trip In a blog post announcing the feature Monday, Google explained that these areas are chosen with algorithmic processes the app will automatically figure out the highest density of restaurants, bars and shops. In certain high-density areas, such as the New York City, Google says it will use a "human touch" to show the most active areas. Check out how the feature works in the video, below. As for the new Maps visuals, the changes are subtle, as seen in the comparison below. Google says it has removed unnecessary elements from the map, one example being road outlines. The typography of street names and various points of interest on the map has also been improved. However, it appears fewer street names are being shown in the new Maps, which might not be an improvement for everyone. The old Maps are on the left, the new Maps are on the right. Image: Google Finally, Google also changed the Maps' color scheme, which now does a better job of differentiating between man-made and natural features. It should also help you identify important points of interest, such as hospitals and schools, more easily. Check out the new color scheme below. The new Maps' color scheme should make it easier to notice places like hospitals and schools.

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